Main camp was full with 86 campers with Barney Jones the main speaker & mini-camp had 63 campers and Dave Cox was the main speaker. the weather was good for both camps. The camps are held at the Hollands family farm and are run in conjunction with our church at Hambro Road, Streatham, and the Association of Grace Baptist churches (South East). 2019 was our 26th year. The mini-camp runs from Saturday 25th - Monday 27th May, for 8-11 year olds, followed by the main camp from Wednesday 29th May - Sat. 1st June 2019 for 11-16 year olds.
Anyone older than 16 can come on the GBM Youth Camp. Click on that tab for more details.
If you have anyone who is a member of your church who could be encouraged to come as a helper for either or both camps (especially the 2nd camp) then please ask us for a staff application form (or download one below). It is useful for follow-up work to have someone who was there, and also particularly if you are sending any young or first time campers on the mini-camp, they may find it easier to cope if there is a familiar face nearby.